07 June 2020


A more detailed look at our 'gestalt embroidery' collaboration with artist Adriana Jaros.

'Gestalt' embroidery, Passing Colour Stool

Embroidery detail

'Passing Colour' is our first collaboration with Venezuela born artist Adriana Jaros. Adriana is occupied with the interaction between colour and space, like Gestalt theory, her work looks at how seemingly flat units of colour define and engineer our perception of three dimensional spaces.

In an embroidery technique developed by Adriana with a Portuguese manufacturer, we are able to use large loop embroidery to make geometric blocks of colour that are intricately interwoven to create extremely tactile and dynamic textiles for our upholstery.

Reminiscent of the early work of the artist Victor Vasarely, in particular his gestural drawings, 'Passing Colour' sparks movement through abstraction, with the gestural shapes 'sliding' across the stool top.

sample textile development

The Passing Colour Stool is a limited edition piece available in two colour options. Watch this space for more work with Adriana.

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