04 July 2020

Collected By Galvin Brothers

For some time now we have been thinking about how we might re-frame some of the other objects in our shop — 'Collected' is now a new space for a special collection of accessories...

Homeswares, objects, curiosities... and such.

Since the very beginning we have sold a small collection of accessories in our shop in Beverley. It was always a somewhat haphazard range of homewares, stationery and other objects that served to accompany our furniture and dress the shop.

With the collection of curiosities growing, and in line with the launch of this new website, we thought it was timely to take stock (quite literally) and think about how we might share more of these products and objet d'art with our customers online.

The idea of the collection or 'collected' came about because, in truth, this really is just a small collection of items that we sell purely because we like them. We can recommend and endorse these products because we either use them or love them (or both). Our focus will always remain on our furniture, so this edit will always be what it is: a natural and growing selection of products — ceramics, books, prints, art and such — that all share the desirable qualities and sensibilities inherent in our handcrafted furniture.

As we grow our business, and the idea of our 'brand' seems to be travelling further and further, the notion of locality is increasingly important to us — thinking globally and acting locally is very important. So with this in mind, we are looking to add more products that are produced up here in Yorkshire, and we'll continue to support those ceramicists and other makers who are close to us and that produce so many functional and beautiful objects.

When you do see things from further afield in our collection, these items will have been sourced on our travels or hold real design value; as we extend our reach to other parts of the world, we want to connect with those things that define the location.

We'll be posting again soon with some more information about the new scented candles that we have added from Lo.Studio. Also take a look at the ever popular Falcon Enamelware, which we have stocked since we first opened the shop in 2014.

Watch this space as we continue to add to the collection over the coming months.

Collected by Galvin Brothers


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