Designs that should get better over time.

    About five years ago I worked with Jason Hughes and Dal Chodha designing the Pop-In Paper for Matt and Kirk at the Other/Shop (back then the bStore). It was an inspiring project, my first exposure to the unique design language and narrative that the chaps have continued to engineer through their shop, collections and publications - a language of the hybrid and of plurality that continues to inspire me.

    As a gift, they gave me a pair of shoes that are still going strong and seemingly get better with age. They remind me that fashion and design can be new and experimental, but in some ways should strive to be simultaneously timeless. They set a precedent for contemporary but well made products.

    Five years on, it has been great to produce our first collaborative piece of furniture with Matt and Kirk — Other / (Perfectly) Imperfect Stool — a new special edition version of our stool with navy blue legs. We're really happy to say that we have sold quite a few stools so far and, with my old shoes in mind, we hope that fifty years of patina will have added to their story, wherever they have ended up.

    Look out soon for some more collaborations with The Other / Shop.

    Matthew Galvin

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