We're so pleased to be included in The New Craftsmen along side so many esteemed crafts people and artists.

    Our recent inclusion in The New Craftsmen pop-up shop in Mayfair was a real honour and a privilege. Having launched our business online only 4 days earlier, we were very excited to receive a call from Catherine Lock at TNC asking if we'd like to take part.

    It was a frenetic period, but after some frantic joinery and the speedy commissioning of a gold plated version of our folding leg we managed to pull together a new special edition version of the Pippy Oak Reader Side Bench for the shop.

    The pop-up shop has been a real success and will stay open at 5 Carlos Place, Mayfair, London until January 4th 2013.

    Other makers from the British Isles being represented in The New Craftsmen include Laura Carlin with her illustrative ceramic collection, Mr Smith and his Letterpress Workshop, silversmith Ndidi Enkubia, and Teresa and Simon Brogan with their Isle of Auskerry Sheepskins to name a few amongst many others.

    It is great for us to be part of The New Craftsmen, and look out soon for the new bench that will be available online.

    See also: www.thenewcraftsmen.com