• English Pippy Oak

    Chance inspirations that stimulate design directions.

    Back in March, when we had set about setting up Galvin Brothers, we took a trip out to John Boddy Timber Supplies up in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. It was one of those stimulating fact finding missions on which we gained lots of information and were given heaps of advice from the people at the saw mill — so thanks to Trevor Whincup for the guided tour. 

    You take inspiration from everywhere. From other designs and designers, from art and culture, from literal and conceptual problems, from fashion and nature for example. In this case, a very important chance inspiration came from us being shown a stack of English Pippy Oak and it was immediately apparent that the raw, plain sawn boards, that take a slice out of the tree could be really nice to work with. 

    Thinking back to that day, it has been interesting to plot the gestation of ideas and to reflect upon our design process. Pippy Oak has now come to define a kind of signature in our first collection with its 'cats paw print' clusters of knots or pips that give it its special character. In this case the design process became one of trying to do as little as possible to the material; to let the natural beauty of the timber — its waney edge and its dark bark — to do the talking.

    With the Pippy Oak Reader Side Bench we've done the best we can to keep quiet.

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