• Carol Bird Interiors

    Galvin Brothers and important collaborations.

    The time since our germination back in March has been very exciting. A new venture has given us a whole range of design opportunities with new experiences and stimulating possibilities. As you'd expect, this period has thrown up lots of challenges and been defined by some hard graft.

    One of the most pleasurable aspects of creating our new business has been some of the people we have met and the new friends we have made. It has often been in those more challenging of moments that we have found some great collaborators who have been more than willing to share their expertise with us and help us along the way.

    So in our first post we thought it was fitting to say thank you to David Bird and his team for all of their help, advice and support. Carol Bird Interiors are another Beverley based firm who are now responsible for all of our upholstery and have been lovely to work with in the selection of our wools for our Moonshine Footstool. 

    It has been great to be able to call upon nearly 35 years of experience and expertise when working with David, and we are very grateful for all of the assistance in getting us to here.

    view: Moonshine Footstool

    more info: www.carolbirdinteriors.com