19 March 2021


An iconic and versatile design, ready to stand the test of time in terms of durability and style.

The Polygon Pedestal Dining Table is a carefully jointed, gently tapering dodecagon. Made in quarter sawn solid oak, or walnut, the table top is a beautifully poised disc of timber.

Our Polygon Pedestal Dining Table, Parlour Stool and Parlour Chairs in natural and ebonised oak

No sharp angles here, nor table legs to contend with. The soft curved top creates an informal and democratic feel, creating notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection - excellently placed in a family kitchen or small living space.

This piece also doubles as a great living console, with stools and seating neatly tucked away underneath. Our ebonised Parlour Chair and Stool works in perfect juxtaposition to the natural oak of The Polygon Pedestal Table.

The perfect juxtaposition

Available in four standard sizes, with bespoke options. Handcrafted in natural oak, ebonised oak or walnut, all sustainably sourced British timbers.

[>] The Polygon Pedestal Dining Table

Photography by India Hobson

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