25 February 2021


The inspirations behind our Floral Polygon Mirror and a glimpse at our recent shoot, 'In House'. 

The idea for our Floral Polygon Mirrors came from looking at the natural geometry of flowers; the petal arrangements that are at once both organic and mathematic.

Beautiful light for our recent shoot, 'In House'

In this case, each petal is formed out of solid timber, shaped on the exterior and jointed rigidly through the structure of the heptagon.

The Floral Polygon Mirror, Antique Pink

On reflection (quite aptly), after the photoshoot, we were reminded of the work of Leigh Wells, in particular her amazing Versos collages, in which the framework of her compositions are modulated to create confusing spacial ambiguities — like a miniature hall of mirrors.

Versos, collage series by Leigh Wells, 2010

The mirrors are available in a range of timbers and finishes and you can find out more about Wells' work, here. —MG

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Photography by Department Two

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