07 June 2020


Reworking a small batch of salvaged material to create a new piece with physical echoes of the past.

Pitch Pine with 150+ year old carved quatrefoil.

From time to time we offered batches of salvaged materials by good willing, wood loving members of the public who recognise the potential value in timber that could be repurposed. For a small and environmentally conscious business like ours, it is always welcome — for manufacturing furniture such bounty is not always suitable, but in the spirit of resourcefulness, we always take a closer look.

In this case, we were on the one hand disappointed and other very pleased. It seemed a shame to discover that a bunch of mid 19th century church pews had been destroyed in their removal from a local church; simultaneously the timber was full of character and represented a great opportunity.

It transpired that the pews had been made from Pitch Pine, a timber that was used historically in the country for much architectural joinery and furniture. Its strength comes from its high resin content, which is also distinctively fragrant (floral and lemons), and makes it a very resilient and durable timber.

We decide to make a limited edition of our (Perfectly) Imperfect Stool incorporating the original hand carved quatrefoil details (originally seen in the ends of the pews), using them as hidden detail under the stool seat — an echo of the timber's 150+ year history.

The timber is beautifully expressed with its contrasting long grain turned into amazing flourishes and bursts along our distinctive bobbly leg.

If you have any salvaged timber that could be repurposed please get in touch. We are happy to discuss special commissions using customer own materials air dried or salvaged materials.

This piece is now out of stock.

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